Genealogy Rabbit Hole – Sparks DNA

I’m interested in contacting Maryland and Virginia Sparks descendants who have gotten DNA tests. My line comes out of Charles County, Maryland in the mid 1600s. This line included Josiah Sparks who moved to upper Baltimore County and Thomas and Matthew Sparks who moved to Pittsylvania, Virginia.

Another, very large, Sparks family came out of Queen Anne’s County, Maryland. The line goes back to William Sparks who died in 1709.

Are these two branches related? No paper trail has connected them. But I’m hoping DNA will connect them.

A DNA match on FamilyTree seems to show that the YDNA Haplogroup for the Charles County Sparks is J-M172. Are there any Queen Anne County Sparks who know their haplogroup? Are there descendants from these two branches who can confirm an Autosomal match?